A Great Regional News Story on EMEAPP

It was fun giving FOX 29 reporter, Bill Rohrer, the full run of the EMEAPP house, and he had a blast! We spent a day with him doing interviews and shooting footage of vintage synthesizers, amplifiers and effects.

Check out this great report on how Vince Pupillo, Sr. gave birth to this unique collection, and learn how it is becoming one of the world’s greatest accumulations of historically significant musical equipment.

EMEAPP’s Executive Director, Drew Raison, walks you through sections of the huge 30,000 square foot facility and explains how EMEAPP works. A highlight is getting to see (and hear) the sounds of Keith Emerson’s famous Moog modular synthesizer, demoed by Vince Pupillo, Jr.

Care to see a long-form tour of EMEAPP? Check out this online tour we did for a partner back in January of 2021. Quite a few things have changed since then, but it’ll give you a good idea of what EMEAPP is about.

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