EMEAPP Institute Project:

Descriptions and Explanations of Circuitry and Electromechanical Design Elements

Description: The creation of vintage instruments was inherently based on the vast experience, creativity, and myriad insights of their designers, much of which is being rapidly lost as time goes by. At EMEAPP we strive to collect, rediscover (when necessary and possible), and preserve the knowledge underlying the design of instruments in the EMEAPP Collection. To accomplish this we:

  • Actively pursue dialogues with designers who are still living.
  • Collect extant documents of all forms such as user and technical manuals, R&D documents, and patents.
  • Analyze circuitry and electromechanical devices using a variety of analytical methods.

Project Status: This project is a permanent and long-time effort consisting of both the general effort to collect and preserve relevant information, and special projects that focus on a particular topic.  We anticipate that a general database of descriptions and analysis of circuitry and electromechanical devices will eventually be assembled and made public. In the meantime, results of this effort on particular topics will be made available in publications via MODULATIONS (the EMEAPP online journal).