EMEAPP Institute Project:

History of Vintage Instruments and Gear, and of the Designers and Companies that Created Them

Description: The origin of many vintage instruments cannot truly be understood without a clear understanding of the history of ideas that led to their creation. This includes broad trends, for example, the development of foundational technologies such as vacuum tube technology, the transistor, integrated circuits, operational amplifiers and op-amp based circuit designs, and finally digital technology. And it includes very specific technological ideas, such as Robert Moog’s voltage controlled “ladder filter,” the invention of digital scanning keyboards, and Doug Curtis’s development of the “Curtis Electronic Music” integrated circuits. This project represents our general effort to learn and preserve this history, and the human history as well, as best we can, and to make this history accessible along with the actual items in the EMEAPP Collection.

Project Status: This project is a permanent and long-time effort.