Gene Stopp Memorial

We deeply thank Debby Stopp for suggesting a donation to EMEAPP in Gene’s name in lieu of sending flowers. We thank YOU for caring about this very special person.

You are probably here because you appreciate the legacy of Gene Stopp and his influence on the world of music. He passed on March 1st, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and compassion. He was not just an electronic technician, he was a visionary in the world of synthesis, preservation and personal relationships. Gene truly cared about his work and it shows.

One highlight of Gene’s career was his involvement with keyboard legend Keith Emerson. In fact, Gene, along with Brian Kehew, was responsible for ultimately saving Keith’s legendary Moog modular synthesizer. They poured their hearts into rebuilding this monster when it fell into disrepair and became unreliable for stage use.

We are proud to have this amazing instrument here at EMEAPP. When we look at it, we are looking at the passion and efforts of Gene Stopp. A customized Moog Minimoog that Gene created sits upstairs in our Moog exhibit, it has become a shrine to his legacy.