Stewardship is the careful and responsible management and protection of something valuable entrusted to one’s care; it embodies proper planning, a clear view of the future and rational management of assets. 

The Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project (EMEAPP) is the steward of a privately held world-class curated collection of rare vintage electronic instruments and stage-used gear. This includes effects units, amps, organs, synthesizers, electro-mechanical instruments, guitars, prototypes, vintage audio/video media and analog studio gear. In addition, EMEAPP itself is developing its own focused collection.

It is our charge to cultivate and reap excellent knowledge from these unique resources and return it to our members and the world. We do this as a learning center, through research projects, creative endeavors, media programming and tours, enlightening many people along the way. There is so much to be harvested from history and EMEAPP has a key to the vault.

EMEAPP is a private museum, a critical learning center and a multi-media production studio nicely packed into a brick-and-mortar facility outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

EMEAPP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to preserve and share the history, artists, sounds, equipment and technology of electronic and rock music, keeping it relevant and accessible for future generations.

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ELECTRONIC MUSIC EDUCATION AND PRESERVATION PROJECT considers all things that use electricity to create, modify, record, store & reproduce musical sound, ELECTRONIC MUSIC. EMEAPP caters to all genres of music; our audience is the musician, technician and historian. Please join us with a FREE membership!

ELECTRONIC MUSIC EDUCATION AND PRESERVATION PROJECT is working to provide maximum exposure for the interested public to the techniques, influences, hardware and history of the electronic and rock music world. Being the caretakers of this collection offers us the opportunity to harvest EDUCATIONAL benefits that fuel high school tour groups, workshops, Artist In Residence program and special events.

In addition, we actively conduct research studies that allow us to look into the who’s and why’s of early synthesis. Partnering with university-level academia we also host and sponsor workshops and performance events that offer insight into the world of electronic music.

Our EMEAPP INSTITUTE is an academic-level division that undertakes research studies that delve deep into the technology and history behind the creation of legacy instruments and peripherals. The Institute employs rigorous analysis of circuitry and sonic characteristics, listening tests, extensive interactions with designers and users, and historical research in its work.

ELECTRONIC MUSIC EDUCATION AND PRESERVATION PROJECT makes educated decisions as to the degree of restoration needed for each specific item in the collection it maintains. EMEAPP has a large selection of electronic gear with historical significance, many having artist provenance, limited production, and rare prototypes. In these cases, we strive to PRESERVE  an item in original untouched condition for posterity. Hence, our facility provides a secure and climate-controlled environment. We also maintain a vintage audio/video and print media archive of the music, designs and production documentation, industry periodicals, tech and user manuals, marketing documents, all of which help us understand the history and the thinking behind many legendary electronic instruments.