Vince Pupillo Sr. | FOUNDER & PRESIDENT |

Vince Pupillo’s passion for music started at age 9, when he began playing the organ at church, as he did so for the next 22 years. In 1974, he purchased his first Minimoog synthesizer with tips he earned as a waiter.

“I remember my first mission was to learn to play Lucky Man”, says Vince, who played in several cover and original material bands throughout high school and college.

In 1979, after earning a bachelors degree in business, Mr. Pupillo married his highschool sweetheart, MaryEllen. Together, they raised 3 uniquely talented children who are an integral part of his story. Over the years, Vince took the family’s small produce company and became a national player in the supermarket fresh prepared food category.

After spending 15 years assembling a very targeted collection of rare electronic music related media & gear, Vince founded another legacy institution,  EMEAPP.  Pupillo is now carrying the torch of electronic music preservation. By his founding of EMEAPP, future generations will have the opportunity to appreciate the history and sounds of Electronic Music through multiple education platforms.

Says Pupillo, “Music was an important part of my life growing up. Music teaches discipline, builds confidence, and provides unparalleled satisfaction from mastering a challenging  piece, be it Keith Emerson or Beethoven. Everyone deserves that opportunity and feeling.”


It is rare to see Drew Raison outside of a recording studio or at least surrounded by weapons of music creation. He continues this trend as Director of EMEAPP (Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project), embedding himself deep into the world of vintage synths, amps and effects pedals. As a record producer and engineer, Raison has worked with hundreds of talented artists to create high-grade product for national and radio release. As owner/operator of renown Philly Sound Studios and Big Sky Audio, both major multi-room music production studios, Drew honed his production and management skill set and set the stage for his role at EMEAPP.

Vince Pupillo Jr. | ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR | 

Vince Pupillo Jr. specializes in sound design, synthesizer programming and navigating the nomenclature and topology of different kinds of electronic instruments. He has been involved in the collecting and preservation of electronic instruments since childhood, which eventually led to the formation of EMEAPP as the means to share the collection with the world. Vince is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Saint Joseph’s University of Philadelphia with a degree in Family Business and he began the process of building the EMEAPP business model in his business classes. Internships at both RetroLinear and Philly Sound Studios introduced him to many individuals who would eventually become a part of the EMEAPP family. Vince’s passion for the Collection runs deep and he wants to continue this legacy for future generations to appreciate and experience.


Ben is also on EMEAPP’s Board of Directors. For his bio, please visit the Board page.