Board of Directors

Mary Pacifico Curtis

Following the untimely passing of her husband, Doug Curtis (designer of Curtis Electronic Music Chips), in 2007, Mary stepped in as CEO of OnChip Systems. A serial entrepreneur, Mary founded and was CEO of Pacifico, Inc, a Silicon Valley integrated marketing firm that had global technology clients. She also advised Silicon Valley start-ups and served on boards of numerous performing arts non-profits. After trademarking everything Curtis Electromusic related, she revived that entity as a unit of OnChip Systems and resumed manufacturing the authentic CEM3340 and CEM3320 chips in response to heartwarming industry demand for the ‘Curtis analog sound.’

Mary has also been widely published in literary magazines and is the author of two poetry ‘chapbooks,’ Between Rooms and The White Tree Quartet. Her work has been cited as a 2012 Joy Harjo Poetry Finalist (Cutthroat Journal), 2019 Poetry Finalist in The Tiferet Journal, a non-fiction finalist in the 48th New Millennium Writings contest, and a 2021 Finalist in the Tupelo Quarterly’s Non-Fiction Open. She holds a BSS from Northwestern University (where she met Doug) and an MFA from Goddard College. In addition to leading OnChip Systems and writing, she leads a Silicon Valley life advising technology startups.

Eugene Lew

Based in Philadelphia, Eugene Lew is primarily engaged in the production, creation, organization, design, capture, storage, playback, transformation, investigation, and performance of sound/music. He teaches at the Department of Music at the University of Pennsylvania, programs MUSICA PRACTICA/ELETTRONICA VIVA (a series of conversations & concerts focusing on live electronic music performance practices), and is actively seeking to develop public access and education initiatives.

Larry Fast | Vice President |

Larry Fast is best known for his series of pioneering electronic music albums recorded under the project name SYNERGY. He is also recognized for his decade of work with Peter Gabriel, playing synthesizer on recordings and tours, and rounding out the production team on many of Peter’s albums.

During his career Larry has worked as an electronic music composer/arranger and producer contributing to numerous platinum-selling recordings with world-renown artists. Performers as diverse as Nektar, Bonnie Tyler, Foreigner, Hall & Oates, Barbra Streisand, Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Randy Newman, Meat Loaf and many others have called on Larry’s electronic production talents.

Larry’s media experience stems from decades of projects for companies such as Disney, XM Satellite Radio and Tribune Broadcasting, and contributing to documentary and feature film projects. Larry is co-producer and co-writing historian for the documentary film Saving The Great Swamp airing on PBS about a conflict more than 50 years ago seeking to stop construction of a massive jetport. This pivotal battle gave rise to the modern environmental movement.

With a degree in history from Lafayette College plus additional studies in architecture and engineering technology, Larry has been appointed to several government historic preservation positions. As a technology history specialist, Larry serves on the board of the Thomas Edison National Historic Park and as an advisor to the Thomas Edison Papers Project at Rutgers University. His developments in infrared audio technology have earned him several patents.  

Michael Jones | Treasurer |

Michael began working part time in the local Philadelphia music scene in 1985 as the equipment tech for Jim Femino. He provided art and direction for Jim’s 1986 release, All Night Party. He later became the soundman and archivist for The Mighty Manatees. He also worked as archivist and roadie with regional bands like Living Earth. Michael has worked as a roadie and sound engineer, providing local sound reinforcement for such acts as Branford Marsalis, The Dinosaurs, Maceo Parker and many others.

In 1995 Michael traded in his soundboard for a computer keyboard and began building and repairing computers in his spare time. He put these skills to use while working as the Operations Manager for his family’s pipe fitting business. In 1998, the company hired a computer consultant to find a solution which would modernize the sales order process. The consultant quoted the company thousands of dollars to install dedicated phone lines and expensive servers. When Michael asked “What about if we used this new Linux operating system?” the consultant laughed and said “Linux is a toy, it will never be useful for anything”. Michael bought a book on Linux and taught himself to build a system using spare computers which connected all company operations over the existing phone line, saving the company thousands of dollars. He continued to teach himself Linux and developed a local web server to share product pricing for the entire sales staff so that every sales person could easily provide consistent pricing to all of the clients. When the company updated it’s accounting system, Michael designed an inventory numbering system for the company’s entire product line.

In 2016 the family decided it was time to close the company. Michael made a new home with a local engineering company where he now enjoys life as a data specialist putting all his experience in pipe fittings and computer technology to use helping companies with their asset management systems.