HOW DO I MAKE A DONATION? Great question, thanks for asking! To make a monetary donation, click HERE or any of the green DONATE NOW buttons throughout the site. We welcome charitable donations of any degree, ranging from smaller, one time donations through large estate grants, in support of EMEAPP’s mission to preserve and educate about electronic music history. Your donations will go a long way in enabling EMEAPP to connect with students of all stripes, curate the EMEAPP Collection, and complete research investigations before critical sources of information disappear. EMEAPP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible. You will receive a letter of acknowledgment for your tax purposes. 

DO YOU TAKE EQUIPMENT AS A DONATION? Yes, EMEAPP is dedicated to the preservation of all aspects of Electronic Music history. We welcome the addition of artifacts of all kinds, ranging from including electronic music items, and in some cases expert services. Please inquire to discuss items and how you might benefit. Select objects might include electronic or electromechanical Instruments, test gear, effects units, amplifiers and prototypes. Print items might include significant archive or historical design and marketing documents, promotional materials and related periodicals.

HOW DO I VISIT EMEAPP? At this point in time, EMEAPP is only open to visitors by scheduled appointment. We hold events within our walls on a regular basis. Sign up on our mailing list (either by submitting the form below or Registering as an EMEAPP Member) to be the first to know about upcoming opportunities to visit the amazing world of EMEAPP.  Interested in having a chat or discussing a visit to EMEAPP on your next trip to the Philadelphia area? Send us a note using the form above, or email us at info@emeapp.org.

WHAT ORIGINAL CONTENT DO YOU CREATE AND WHERE DO I FIND IT? We produce different types of media for our audiences. The SONIC TEST DRIVE series gives the viewer a POV experience with unique electronic instruments and effects. Our ARTICLES take a deep-dive into equipment, people, history and events that shape our industry. You can also find our work, along with regular postings of unique items on FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE. Please take a look, leave a comment and participate!

AM I ABLE TO RECORD AT EMEAPP? MAY I USE THE INSTRUMENTS, AMPS AND EFFECTS? Many musicians are naturally interested in making use of instruments at EMEAPP in their creative endeavors. While this is not possible for many of the items in the Collection for reasons of historical importance and preservation, there are also many items for which limited and carefully controlled use is permissible. EMEAPP is also in the process of building developing a specialized recording facility with which to facilitate artist use of items in the collection.

DOES EMEAPP HAVE AN INTERNSHIP PROGRAM? EMEAPP welcomes the assistance of interns and volunteers in many of our activities! Interested in getting involved? Please send us a message via our Contact Page if you are interested.

IS EMEAPP INTERESTED IN LEGACY PRESERVATION? Do you or a loved one have a lifetime of contributions to making music with electronic musical instruments and/or assisting with their development? Looking for a home for your archives and/or your artifacts? Please consider allowing EMEAPP to preserve your legacy and educate future generations about your contributions.

DOES EMEAPP OFFER ANY ARTIST IN RESIDENCE OPPORTUNITIES? We do. EMEAPP’s Artist in Residence Program provides opportunities, as our time and resources allow, for artists to visit EMEAPP for extended periods of time to study and/or utilize items in the collection. Interested in applying for a residency at EMEAPP? please contact us via our Contact Page.