Interested in a deeper look into instruments, gear, sounds and minds of some of your favorites? Welcome to our series called INSIDE THE MIX. Sometimes it is about synths, other times it’s about recording techniques, but it’s always about something technical and unique. The best part is that quality music is involved, so sit back, a listen and enjoy yourself!

PINK FLOYD fans are gonna love this one! Take a deep look into the mind, instruments and sounds of keyboardist RICHARD WRIGHT in this episode of Inside The Mix. See and hear Keith Emerson’s STEINWAY grand piano run through a rotating LESLIE 122 system, a beautiful FARFISA Compact Duo, HAMMOND M-102, 88 key RHODES electric piano and an EMS SYNTHI AKS in action.

In this episode, we look into four unique and amazing instruments. The YAMAHA GX-1, the MOOG MINIMOOG, Keith Emerson’s Hammond/Goff “TARKUS” C3 and his legendary MOOG modular synth. Emmy award-winning composer, Michael Whalen, shows us how these beauties sound!