Live!@EMEAPP Series

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Yes, we actually play the instruments at EMEAPP, they’re not just here for show!

Check out these videos of live performances within our walls, created for an audience who has an interest in vintage and unique musical instruments.

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Olivia Lionetti performs Mozart on a vintage Baldwin Electric Harpsicord

You might find that the Baldwin Electric Harpsichord sounds familiar, especially if you are a fan of The Beatles. Watch Olivia Lionetti light it up with Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 8 in A Minor.

Rachel Flowers performs ELP’s TARKUS on Keith Emerson’s gear

Are you a fan of Rachel Flowers? We sure are! Check her out performing Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s epic TARKUS on Keith Emerson’s Moog synth and Goff customized Hammond C3.