Live!@EMEAPP Series

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Yes, we actually play the instruments at EMEAPP, they’re not just here for show!

Check out these videos of live performances within our walls, created for an audience who has an interest in vintage and unique musical instruments.

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Joe DiMattia came into EMEAPP and took some tasty instruments for an ambient ride, as he has been known to do. In Storytime In Shadowland, he uses a vintage Oberheim OB-Xa, a Roland D50 and a Roland JD-990 module controlled by another D50.


We love it when Paul and George come to visit because they always bring us the good stuff! Enjoy this live performance in our main studio by these two creative players and don’t forget to check out the rigs that they are playing, you’ll be amazed!


Recently Aaron Emerson, the son of Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, traveled all the way from the UK to pay us a visit. EMEAPP is the caretaker of many of Keith’s instruments throughout his career, from his famous Moog synthesizer to battle-scarred Hammond organs and everything else in between. Aaron wanted to come over and record some audio and video for an upcoming re-release of an ELP recording and to utilize several of his father’s instruments. During a break, we asked Aaron if he’d be willing to throw down on his father’s 1972 Steinway Model D, our most recently acquired piece of Keith’s gear. He graciously obliged our request and what resulted was an emotional and highly personal solo performance of his own arrangement of Aaron Copland’s Fanfare For The Common Man, recorded by ELP for their Works Vol. 1 album in 1977.

ARP 2500 ÉLIANE RADIGUE Tribute Featuring: OMBIENT

Born in Paris in 1932, Éliane Radigue spent a large segment of her life concentrating on creating compositions exclusively on the legendary ARP 2500 modular synthesizer. Electronic musician, OMBIENT, shares an Éliane-influenced performance on our ARP 2500 from a recent visit.


Robert Shepard graced us with a live performance of the opening segment of ELP’s TRILOGY. This was the final studio performance on Keith Emerson’s Steinway Model B grand piano. Thanks, Robert, we look forward to your next visit and maybe one with Manticore? 😉


Here is one of our favorites, OLIVIA LIONETTI, performing Johann Sebastian Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in B-flat minor Keith Emerson’s beautiful 1904 Steinway Model B grand piano. Another great performance from Olivia!

ROBY DEATON of DLP on Keith Emerson’s Steinway

We love to give tours of EMEAPP, but sometimes our guests give us something in return. Here is Roby Deaton of the Deaton LeMay Project performing a segment of his piece, Dragonfly. Thanks, Roby!

OMBIENT on the ARP 2500, 2600 and PRO SOLOIST

Time to get your ARP on with this dynamic performance by electronic musician, OMBIENT. Includes some sexy artist-created graphics behind a colorful and unique soundstage of synthesizers. Enjoy!

WOZ delivers another great musical performance

We love it when WOZ comes to EMEAPP! Check out this eclectic solo performance on his truly unique electronic rig, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Olivia Lionetti performs Mozart on a vintage Baldwin Electric Harpsicord

You might find that the Baldwin Electric Harpsichord sounds familiar, especially if you are a fan of The Beatles. Watch Olivia Lionetti light it up with Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 8 in A Minor.

Rachel Flowers performs ELP’s TARKUS on Keith Emerson’s gear

Are you a fan of Rachel Flowers? We sure are! Check her out performing Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s epic TARKUS on Keith Emerson’s Moog synth and Goff customized Hammond C3.