Sonic Test Drives

STD LOGO SQUARE MASTERCome experience the sights and sounds of some of the rare goodies in the EMEAPP collection!

Our SONIC TEST DRIVE series will take you there, with a look into historically significant synthesizers, effects units, guitar amplifiers, electromechanical keyboards, electronic drums, vintage recording equipment and lots more.

Each SONIC TEST DRIVE episode offers the viewer the sights and sounds of the past, along with technical and design insights. And, yes, we dig deep into the vaults of the rare and unusual!

An in-house production of EMEAPP, SONIC TEST DRIVE takes the viewer on a road trip that features close-up video, quality audio and technical information on some of the rarest electronic music gear in the world. It’s a bit like “How It’s Made” and “Pop Up Video” with a different focus. New episodes will be added regularly, so come back and check it out!

Steelphon S900

Moog 15 with Oberheim SEM

Moog Musonics Sonic V

ARP 2500