The Inside Scoop on the EMEAPP Recognition Awards

There is no inside scoop really, it’s just been a meaningful way to recognize people who have made a world of difference within the orbit of EMEAPP.

This orbit started quite small, as the first awards went to individuals who were involved pre-EMEAPP. These awards were issued in our embryonic months and really set a high mark for all future awards. Over the years our reach has grown as we find ourselves figuratively face-to-face with a seriously impressive list of humans from whom to nominate.



As the keyboardist and primary composer/arranger of the band Genesis, we hold Tony in the highest regard. His highly distinctive keyboard sounds and stylings have been integral to the band’s sound and dynamic, and his compositions for the band have become classic and timeless. Add to this his orchestral work, his solo efforts and film scoring work and you have one of the most well-rounded musicians out there. His abilities in sound design are equally impressive and his playing skills are unparalleled. He has also released several solo albums, created multiple film soundtracks and collaborated with other artists including Mike Rutherford and Peter Gabriel.

EMEAPP Associate, Andrew Ward, was on hand to present the award and certificate to Tony. Even better, longtime Genesis manager, Richard Macphail was there, what a perfect scenario!


If ever anyone deserves an award for managing a vital legacy it would be Michelle. As the primary flagbearer of her father’s celebrated synthesizer and theremin innovations, we appreciate Michelle’s efforts in bringing the work of our electronic hero to the world. Her work in creating and cultivating the Bob Moog Foundation was a huge step in solidifying his legacy, the Foundation’s “Moogseum” has become a destination for his admirers who are traveling through Asheville, North Carolina. Michelle also administers “Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool”, a program that teaches students about the science of sound. EMEAPP thanks Michelle for all that she does to promote the history of Bob Moog and electronic music.


A Hammond tonewheel organ is beautiful, but a Goff-customized Hammond is a working and touring beast! Al Goff is the master at getting the best out of these beautiful electronic instruments and we are proud to tip our hats to him. From Keith Emerson to Gregg Allman, from Jimmy Smith to Joey DiFrancesco, Al Goff has kept some of the most famous Hammond organs alive and ready to light up audiences around the globe.

EMEAPP selected Al Goff for his efforts in preserving Keith Emerson’s Tarkus Hammond C3, Emerson’s Pictures At an Exhibition Hammond C3 and his Hammond L-100 that caught fire in Boston in 1997.


Very few people are able to deal with the complexities of restoring vintage electronic instruments. But our 1939 Storytone electric piano, Gershon Kingsley’s “Popcorn” Moog and a few of our 1939 Hammond Novachords have new lives because of Masucci’s technical prowess. EMEAPP proudly welcomes Stephen to our esteemed roster of award winners.


2021 EMEAPP Awards


Jan Hammer overtook the world as keyboardist with Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck and beyond. But his musical reinvention in the mid-1980s was meteoric with the success of his soundtrack work on the TV series, Miami Vice. Jan is a master of the Minimoog and took the Fender Rhodes electric piano to uncharted lands. His performance style is easily recognizable and has inspired legions of keyboardists and composers. Oh, did we mention that he is also a smoking drummer? Mmmhmm.


Rick’s primary role has been the keyboardist for the band YES, but playing keys on David Bowie’s “Life On Mars” is kinda cool too, eh? Wakeman’s ability to manage complex parts is fascinating, his sound design is exceptional. We proudly display a collection of Rick’s gear here at EMEAPP, our hearts race every time we walk into the space with his beloved Hammond organ, Minimoog and more.


Malcolm Cecil was the main mind behind the synthesizer TONTO, a one-of-a-kind assemblage of electronic music technology that could create a virtually limitless palate of sounds. This instrument led Cecil to a musical relationship with Stevie Wonder that begat the innovative albums Talking Book and Innervisions. We would like to thank our good friend, Dina Pearlman, for accepting this award on his behalf.


2020 EMEAPP Awards


George Secor was the master of microtonal scales and the instigator of unique intervals. He is responsible for the discovery of “the miracle temperament” and played a major role in adding the Bosanquet (standardized) keyboard to the famed Motorola Scalatron. In fact, he donated his personal Scalatron to EMEAPP when he passed, for which we are eternally grateful.


Alan R. Pearlman was awarded posthumously as a founder and designer of synthesizer maker, ARP, whose innovative instruments opened new doors for performers and sound designers. His electronic designs created a new palate of sounds and musical opportunities. From the ARP 2500 to the 2600, from the Pro Soloist to the beloved Odyssey, from the Avatar to the Quadra Pearlman really made a difference.


Patrick Moraz is a career electronic musician and performer who has clocked many miles as a solo artist and member of the bands Yes and the Moody Blues. His improvisational work with drummer Bill Bruford was innovative and exciting, his solo piano work is liquid and fantastic. Patrick is always fun to be around and we look forward to his next visits to EMEAPP.


Wendy Carlos is a musical trailblazer who broke the synthesizer sound barrier in 1968 with her release of “Switched-On Bach”. This innovative album helped propel the synthesizer to fame as a legitimate instrument and not a novelty. She has made significant contributions to the field of electronic music, including early experiments in synthesizer technology and sonic manipulation. Her work has served as an inspiration to many.


2019 EMEAPP Awards


Keith Emerson was the basis of our 2019 awards. He won our Legends Award because he was a legend, to his fans, leagues of keyboardists, fans of rock, fans of classical. His iconic and legendary Moog modular synthesizer sits here at EMEAPP as a torch that still burns, a reminder of the breadth of works that he left us to enjoy for generations.


Gene Stopp was vital in the rebuilding of Keith Emerson’s Moog modular synthesizer, his knowledge of its inner workings and history runs deep. Gene is also responsible for the design and creation of many other pieces as well, including the reissue of the Moog Vocoder, modulars, and of course the reissues of Keith’s big synth.


Brian Kehew seems to be everywhere. Sometimes a music historian, other times a recording engineer, but always deep into a unique and unbelievable project. He plays a tech role with the band The Who and has been a touring technician for countless bands. In 2006 Brian published the tome  Recording The Beatles: The Studio Equipment and Techniques Used to Create Their Classic Albums. He is 50% of the band Moog Cookbook with Roger Manning Brian. Kehew won two EMEAPP Awards in 2019, a Preservation Award and a Restoration Award for his efforts in rebuilding Keith Emerson’s famous Moog modular synthesizer.


2018 EMEAPP Awards


Dr. Robert Moog is one of the main reasons that EMEAPP exists. His innovative work fills our hallowed halls, his fantastic machines make sounds that have been heard around the world for decades. His creative thinking and innovative ideas truly changed the trajectory of electronic music.


David Van Koevering was a multi-faceted individual who helped create the market for synthesizers. He brought these new-fangled machines to schools, universities, recording studios and rock stars. His unique perspective led to dozens of innovations throughout his storied career. His efforts to boost sales of the Minimoog was truly innovative as it was literally the first of its kind! He also created the Orchestron, an optical disc-based keyboard based on Mattel’s Optigan.


Electrical engineer, Jim Scott, came to us because of our interest and obsession with the Moog Minimoog. Jim was the Lead Designer on that project which certainly makes him a great source of intel! Jim is a true EMEAPPer, having spent literally months in our building before and during the onslaught of COVID. Jim is up there in years and is very sensitive from a health viewpoint, so special care had to be taken to maintain his safety and health during his stay. But during his stay, he was freakishly productive and always a blast to spend time with!


From writing the operator’s manual for the famous Minimoog to being a professor of music synthesis at Berklee, Tom is deeply involved. He was in the trenches at MOOG back in the day and has been quite a resource of intel for us. He was also deeply involved in the creation of the beloved Crumar Spirit monophonic synthesizer. We appreciate that Tom is only a phone call away and is always willing to help out.


Ray was pivotal in the refurbishment of dozens of instruments in our earliest combo organ collection. This process required a broad knowledge of electromechanical and electronic dealings, Ray Klos was a perfect fit at the perfect time. His wide berth of electronics knowledge and know-how helped bring these beautiful instruments into compliance so that a whole new generation can hear them.