Minimoog Seminar No. 1

The EMEAPP Institute for Electronic Music Research hereby announces the release of initial results from our Minimoog Research Project, and invites EMEAPP members to the following seminar:

Seminar Name: Minimoog Research Seminar No. 1

Date: Sunday, April 18, 2021

Time: 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time; 7 pm London; 8 pm Berlin/Rome; 11 am Los Angeles; 1 pm Houston.

Description: This will be the first in a series of occasional seminars to present and discuss the results of our Minimoog Research Project, and to field questions and garner feedback from attendees. A (brief) introductory tour of the project and results to date will be presented by Ben Luce, followed by commentary and open discussion with project participants (see list below). Besides the project introduction, the primary topics to be addressed at this seminar will include the distortion characteristics of the Minimoog’s VCA and VCF. To learn more about this project and its results to date, which attendees may want to look over before the seminar, please visit the links listed below (one must be logged into EMEAPP’s site as a member to view these):

Links to Project Articles & Videos: Note that you must be registered as a member with EMEAPP to access this. Registration is free and no-obligation. Click here for membership registration.

Note: This project is an in-depth study of the Minimoog’s circuitry and the sonic attributes of the sound the circuitry produces. The presentation content is accordingly highly technical in nature.

Presenters: Project Team members participating in the seminar will include:

  • Brian Kehew: Moog Historian, Musician, Recording Engineer.
  • Dr. Ben Luce: Director, EMEAPP Institute. Professor of Physics, specialist in nonlinear systems analysis.
  • Dr. Thomas L. Rhea, Electronic Music Historian, former Marketing Director at Moog Music Inc.
  • Jim Scott: Former engineer at both R.A. Moog Inc. and Moog Music Inc. Original project leader for the Minimoog’s development at R.A. Moog Inc.
  • Timothy Warneck: Electronics Engineer, Synthesizer Restorationist, founder of RetroLinear Inc., EMEAPP restorationist.

How to Register: This will be held by Zoom. To register, please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Once we manually approve you a link – usable only by you – will be sent to your email. Please be advised that our Zoom capacity has a limit of 300 persons. We don’t expect to reach that limit, but if we do, you may receive an email informing you that we have reached capacity. In that event we will reserve a space for you in the next seminar. (We intend to host a repeat event if there is a sufficient interest.)

If you have any technical issues or questions about registration, please send a note to And thank you in advance for your patience in advance should any issues arise—this is our first attempt to use the Zoom registration system.

We look forward to discussing the amazing Minimoog Synthesizer with all those who attend!

Best wishes,

Ben Luce