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MODULATIONS, the EMEAPP Institute Journal for Electronic Music Research, is an online journal dedicated to publicly disseminating the results EMEAPP sponsored and/or invited research on items in the EMEAPP Collection, on electronic music composers and performers, and on electronic music itself, all related in some form or fashion to items in the EMEAPP collection.  These articles consist of three types of articles:

  • Reports
  • Interviews
  • Introductions
  • Tutorials
  • Etc.

This journal is overseen by the EMEAPP Institute.

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Copyright Notice: All articles published in this journal are copyrighted by the authors and/or by EMEAPP. Parties interested in obtaining permission for utilization of journal content are encouraged to inquire directly with EMEAPP, or the author using the contact information provided in the article in question.

Submission Policy: Submissions of externally generated manuscripts are generally not accepted. Persons or parties interested in publishing in this journal or participating in EMEAPP sponsored research should contact EMEAPP to discuss a possible research collaboration leading to publication.

Feedback: We want to hear from you! Readers are encouraged to send feedback and/or suggestions directly to EMEAPP on our Contact Page.