Welcome to EMEAPP!

Thanks to the good folks at CHERRY AUDIO, you have just stumbled upon one of the most unique synthesizer finds globally, the ELECTRONIC MUSIC EDUCATION AND PRESERVATION PROJECT.

Located just north of Philadelphia, PA, USA sits an industrial site that has been referred to as “The United States Strategic Synthesizer Reserves”. The building is 30,000 square feet in size with four levels of rooms chock full of modular, poly and mono synths. Prototypes are everywhere, including the venerable Model A, B, C and D Minimoogs! Electric pianos, electromechanical instruments and combo organs are in abundance, as well as rare and vintage tube amps, effects, recording gear and endless Hammond organs.

This collection is privately owned, but EMEAPP has the key to use and discover the secrets locked within these rare and unusual musical instruments. This is where our relationship with Cherry Audio blossoms as they continue to create stunning digital remakes of the rarest electronic musical instruments. This is almost like going to a library for them but far from quiet!

We thank you for your donation but welcome you as a member even if you can not. And no, we will not spam you, that’s not our style. Take some time to check out the site and hit us up if you’re coming to the Philly area!